FDUA Transitional Implants


“Immediate loading and passive prosthetics with
intra-orally cemented screw-retained copings.”

FDUA Transitional Image 1a
BICON’S FIXED-DETACHABLE TRANSITIONAL IMPLANTS provide immediate loading with intra-orally cemented screw-retained copings using the same components as Bicon’s Fixed- Detachable Universal Abutments. With Bicon, the notion that longer implants are always better is challenged. In many cases, shorter implants prove to be the more advantageous solution, addressing clinical needs more effectively.

FDUA Transitional Implant Measurement Guide

FDUA Transitional Implant 1a

FDUA Transitional Implants

FDUA Transitional 2b
DescriptionDia.LengthHeightPart Number
8.0mm Standard Profile FDUA Transitional Implant2.75mm8.0mm2.0mm260-425-318
8.0mm Tall Profile FDUA Transitional Implant2.75mm8.0mm4.0mm260-425-328
10mm Standard Profile FDUA Transitional Implant2.75mm10mm2.0mm260-425-310
10mm Tall Profile FDUA Transitional Implant2.75mm10mm4.0mm260-425-320

FDUA Prosthetic Components

FDUA Components 1c
DescriptionPart Number
Titanium Transfer Coping (2)260-100-135
Titanium Standard Abutment Analog (2)260-100-130
Titanium Final Coping (2)260-100-140
FDUA Components 2c
DescriptionPart Number
Scan Body (2)260-100-640
Digital Abutment Analog and Cap260-100-049
FDUA Components 3c
DescriptionPart Number
5.0mm Hex Coping Screws (4)260-100-016
10.0mm Hex Coping Screws (4)260-100-017
Hex Retention Screws (4)260-100-020
FDUA Components 4c
DescriptionPart Number
Transitional Latch Implant Driver260-101-904
10mm Hex Screwdriver260-101-024
20mm Hex Screwdriver260-101-026

Bicon Fixed-Detachable Transitional Implant Literature:

Bicon Fixed-Detachable Transitional Implants Product Sheet PDF