Restorative Techniques

Inserting and Seating Bicon Integrated Abutment Crowns (IACs) and Extra-Orally Cemented Crowns

In this video, Dr. Drauseo Speratti discusses the fundamental techniques for properly inserting and seating Bicon restorations and provides his keys to success, including the use of sulcus formers, proper tapping, and occlusal adjustments.

Immediate Placement and Restoration of a Maxillary First Molar with an Extra-Orally Cemented Lithium Disilicate Crown

This comprehensive video case study demonstrates the extraction of a maxillary first molar and the immediate placement of a 6.0 x 6.0mm Bicon SHORT® Implant. Additionally, three different impression techniques are presented: implant-level with impression material, implant-level with digital scanning, and abutment-level transfer impression. Furthermore, the extra-oral cementation of a lithium disilicate crown and its final seating are demonstrated.

Laboratory and Restorative Techniques

This comprehensive video presents time-proven techniques for restoring Bicon abutments with their 360 degrees of locking taper positioning to achieve unmatched clinical capabilities, such as the extra-oral cementation of crowns using a wide variety of materials. Additionally, techniques and various uses for the metal-free fiber-reinforced hybrid resin CAD/CAM material TRINIA® are shown.