Lab Techniques

Laboratory and Restorative Techniques Video

This comprehensive video presents time-proven techniques for restoring Bicon abutments with their 360 degrees of locking taper positioning to achieve unmatched clinical capabilities, such as the extra-oral cementation of crowns using a wide variety of materials. Additionally, techniques and various uses for the metal-free fiber-reinforced hybrid resin CAD/CAM material TRINIA® are shown.

Laboratory Techniques for Full-Arch TRINIA® Prostheses

The unique benefits of a full-arch TRINIA® prosthesis are evident, for both you and your patients. In order to achieve clinical success, certain techniques must be followed in the lab. This video provides an overview of those practical techniques.

Bicon SHORT® Implants, TRINIA, and Telescopic Restorations

Join the master himself — Paolo Perpetuini — for his presentation on why Bicon SHORT® Implants, TRINIA CAD/CAM material, and telescopic restorations can provide the ideal combination for both you and your patients.