Bicon NARROW® Implants

NARROW® Implants
NARROW® Implants

THE BICON DESIGN is epitomized by its simplicity, fundamentally characterized by the utilization of NARROW® Implants. Since 1985, the Bicon system has incorporated 3.5mm implants, specifically designed to support the restoration of missing maxillary lateral incisors as well as individual mandibular incisors. This focus on NARROW® Implants allows for precise and effective dental restoration solutions.

Moreover, the distinctive sloping shoulder of the Bicon implant plays a crucial role in enhancing crestal bone preservation. This design feature not only aids in maintaining the structural integrity of the bone but also provides ample space for the interdental papillae. Consequently, this thoughtful design consideration offers the potential for achieving natural-looking gingival aesthetics, further underscoring the Bicon system’s commitment to both functional and aesthetic excellence in dental implantology.

NARROW Graphic DM 1a
3.0mm Diameter Implants
3.0mm NARROW 1a
DescriptionLengthWellPart Number
SHORT® 3.0mm Integra-CP® Implant 6.0mm 2.0mm 260-330-206 
3.0mm Integra-CP® Implant 8.0mm 2.0mm 260-330-208 
3.5mm Diameter Implants
3.5mm NARROW 1a
DescriptionLengthWellPart Number
3.5mm Integra-CP® Implant 8.0mm 2.0mm 260-335-008 
3.5mm Integra-CP® Implant 11.0mm 2.0mm 260-335-011 
4.0mm Diameter Implants
4.0mm NARROW 1a
DescriptionLengthWellPart Number
SHORT® 4.0mm Integra-CP® Implant5.0mm 2.0mm 260-340-005
4.0mm Integra-CP® Implant8.0mm 2.0mm 260-340-008
4.0mm Integra-CP® Implant11.0mm 2.0mm 260-340-011
4.0mm Integra-Ti® Implant 8.0mm 2.0mm 260-140-008
4.0mm Integra-Ti® Implant 11.0mm 2.0mm 260-140-011

2.0mm Healing Plug Inserter

DescriptionLengthPart Number
2.0mm Healing Plug Inserter*16.0mm260-100-002

* Included with each implant with a 2.0mm Well.

2.0mm Inserter Plug and Implant 1c

Implant Selection

  • All implants are packaged with a healing plug.
  • The choice of implant length and width depends upon available bone and expected occlusal loads.
  • For an aesthetic emergence profile, the Bicon Implant is designed to be placed below the crest of the alveolar ridge to the extent that the implant is 5.0mm below the facial crest of the gingiva.
  • The implant may be placed at or slightly above the alveolar crest, if an aesthetic emergence profile is not a concern.
  • In general, choose the widest but not necessarily the longest implant the bone will allow.
  • Posteriorly to the canine, place one implant per tooth if practical.
  • See reference for depth indicators on the 2.0mm pilot drill and the latch reamers.

NARROW® Implant Literature:
NARROW® Implant Info Sheet PDF