Thin Crestal and Sinus

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Thin Crestal Temporary Abutments

Thin Crestal Temporary Abutment Measurement Guide

TC Occlusal View 1a

Thin Crestal Temporary Abutments

DescriptionLengthWidthShaftPart Number
5.0 x 7.0mm Thin Crestal Temporary Abutment - Standard7.0mm5.0mmStandard260-370-505
5.0 x 7.0mm Thin Crestal Temporary Abutment - Tall*7.0mm5.0mmTall*260-370-595

*Tall shafts are 2.0mm taller than standard shafts and are helpful for deeply positioned implants, often avoiding the need for removing bone over the implant with sulcus formers.

Thin Crestal Temporary Abutment Components

DescriptionPart Number
10mm Hex Screwdriver260-101-024
20mm Hex Screwdriver260-101-026
Thin Crestal Temporary Abutment Removal Tool260-101-505
Hex Retention Screw (2)260-100-023

Sinus Lift Temporary Abutments

Sinus Lift Temp 1a
Description DiameterHeightPostStylePart Number
6.5 x 2.5mm Sinus Lift Temporary Abutment 3.0mm Post6.5mm 2.5mm3.0mmTitanium260-365-503
7.0 x 2.5mm Sinus Lift Temporary Abutment 3.0mm Post7.0mm 2.5mm3.0mmTitanium260-370-503
6.0 x 2.5mm Sinus Lift Temporary Abutment 2.5mm Post6.0mm2.5mm2.5mmTitanium260-260-503

Titanium Temporary Abutment Considerations

  • Temporary abutments should be placed with gentle tapping, especially the 2.5mm posts.
  • Temporary abutments are made of surgical grade titanium alloy Ti6Al4V.
  • The hemispherical portion of a temporary abutment matches the profile of the corresponding non-shouldered abutment with the same diameter.
  • Temporary abutments are designed to form a gingival sulcus and to preserve papillae during the one stage surgical procedure or after a two stage uncovering procedure.
  • Choose an abutment height that is sufficient to laterally support the interproximal papillae without its being too tall such that it would receive undesirable forces from the tongue.
  • The abutment height is measured from the top of the implant to the top of the abutment when the abutment is fully seated.
  • Temporary abutments may be modified with a #1557 carbide bur or other carbide burs.