Live Surgical Course – Phoenix

Three-Day Live Surgical Course in Phoenix, AZ
Saint Vincent de Paul Dental Clinic

Join us in Phoenix for Bicon’s Three-Day Live Surgical Course, designed for both new and experienced dental implant clinicians. This comprehensive program provides fundamental knowledge and critical hands-on experience with live patient implant placements. Learn to confidently integrate the Bicon Dental Implant system into your practice while enhancing your surgical skills under the guidance of expert instructors.

Experience the unique opportunity to place five implants and assist your colleagues with their procedures, ensuring a deep and collaborative learning experience. With close personal attention from your instructor and direct participation in live surgeries, this course stands out as a premier hands-on implant experience in the United States.

I have attended numerous dental implant seminars, workshops, and live courses through the years but my participation in this Bicon three-day live surgical course at Phoenix, Arizona was the most intensive and rewarding experience ever. It enabled me to place more than a dozen implants during the course which developed my knowledge, skills, and confidence to immediately place dental implants at my office in Southern California upon my return.

Dr. Emmanuel Magalong
Walnut, CA

After practicing dentistry for 50 years and attending numerous courses, I found the Bicon three-day live surgical implant placement course in Arizona to be the most instructional, informative, and helpful. I’ve restored implants for 30 years, mainly Straumann, and often faced issues with loose screws and broken abutments. Bicon’s Locking Taper system prevents these problems.

Dr. Speratti’s instruction was highly informative, covering all procedures needed to place Bicon implants safely, with excellent visual aids. We practiced on initially on models and then live patients, with constant guidance from Dr. Speratti. His practical tips were invaluable, like using a slow RPM latch reamer to easily correct the initial trajectory of the osteotomy.

Dr. Sommerhalter, a retired Arizona dentist, provided great logistical support, helping with my temporary Arizona license and transportation. The hospitality and food were excellent, and Dr. Myers, who runs the clinic, was very supportive. This course is highly recommended—you won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Arnold Cutler
Alpine, CA

Educational Objectives

A valid US dental license is required. All non-Arizona licensed dentists are responsible for applying for a temporary Arizona dental license obtained through the Arizona Dental Board. This process can take at least two months. Our representative will assist you in this process. Please contact Rosa Lin at 800.882.4266, ext. 240. for assistance.

Lunch will be provided during each of the three days for the course.
There will be complimentary group dinners on the first and second evenings of the course.
Transportation to and from the clinic and course hotel will be provided.

Terms and Policies:
A $2,500 non-refundable deposit is required to register. The balance ($6,000) will be collected 30 days prior to the course.

Registrations for this course are final, and we do not offer refunds. However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, preventing you from attending the course you initially signed up for. In such cases, we are happy to accommodate you by allowing you to reschedule for a different course date. We have multiple course dates throughout the year, providing you with options based on availability. We will assist you in the process of moving to a more suitable course date that aligns with your schedule.

It is essential that you complete your temporary license paperwork in a timely manner. The Arizona Dental Board requires two months for processing the paperwork, and additional time may be required for other dental boards to send verifications. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in promptly completing this essential requirement.

Understanding Our No Refund Policy:
Our courses are in high demand, and spots tend to fill up quickly. In order to participate in this live surgery course, a valid temporary license from the state of Arizona is required. Obtaining this license involves a process that may be time-consuming. It includes contacting all state dental boards where you have held a license to obtain verifications, submitting necessary paperwork, and having it notarized. Due to these procedural requirements, if you choose to drop out of the course, it is not as simple as filling your spot with another participant. If you encounter delays or issues that prevent you from obtaining your temporary license before the live surgery course, we will work with you to reschedule your participation for a different course date. We will reach out to you to discuss alternative options. We understand that circumstances may arise, and we do not impose any penalties or fees for rescheduling to a later course.


Thu-Sat, Jan. 16-18, 20251/16/25Phoenix, AZ
Thu-Sat, Nov. 14-16, 202411/14/24Phoenix, AZ
TBD12/1/23Phoenix, AZ