General Instrumentation

All threaded instrumentation is interchangeable.
All instruments are Ti6Al4V unless otherwise noted.

Threaded Components

Handles, Knobs, and Adapters

Description Part Number 
Threaded Straight Handle260-101-016
Threaded Offset Handle260-101-009
Threaded Knob260-101-014
Threaded Instrument Adapter*260-101-020

* For use with Sulcus Reamers, Hand Reamers, and Tissue Punches.

Seating Tips

Description Part Number 
2.0mm Implant/Angled Abutment Seating Tip260-101-010
2.5mm Implant Seating Tip260-101-258
3.0mm Implant Seating Tip260-101-018
Standard Abutment Seating Tip (4.0mm)260-101-012
Large Abutment Seating Tip (6.5mm)260-101-019
Crown Seating Tip260-101-015

Inserter / Retriever

Description Part Number 
2.0mm Implant Inserter/Retriever260-101-005
2.5mm Implant Inserter/Retriever260-101-007
3.0mm Implant Inserter/Retriever260-101-006

5.0mm Threaded Knob not included with Inserter / Retriever.

Sulcus Formers

DescriptionPart Number
4 Series Sulcus Former260-101-440
5 Series Sulcus Former260-101-450
6 Series Sulcus Former260-101-465
7 Series Sulcus Former260-101-475

Packaged with one each of the 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm Guide Pins.

Tissue Punches

DescriptionPart Number
4.0mm Tissue Punch260-101-540
5.0mm Tissue Punch260-101-550
6.5mm Tissue Punch260-101-565

Guide Pins

DescriptionPart Number
2.0mm Guide Pin (4)260-101-180
2.5mm Guide Pin (4)260-101-186
3.0mm Guide Pin (4)260-101-183


DescriptionPart Number
Double Ended Osteotomy Depth Gauge260-101-370
Abutment Shoulder Depth Gauge260-101-380


DescriptionPart Number
Double-Ended Straight Periotome260-801-007
Double-Ended Offset Periotome260-801-008


DescriptionTypePart Number
#1557 Regular Length Bur (5)Carbide260-155-701
11mm Abutment Cutting BurCarbide260-201-011
#4 Round Bur Regular Length (5)Carbide260-155-704
Sinus Lift BurCarbide260-201-029