Abutments by Indication

Single Crown
Full-Arch Fixed Removable
Full-Arch Telescopic
Fixed-Detachable Universal


The Universal Abutment is the most popular abutment for most clinicians, for it usually requires minimal adjustments and provides for using a variety of impression techniques and types of restorative materials. It is particularly effective for CAD/CAM techniques.

The Non-Shouldered Abutment is the original Bicon abutment, which is still popular with many clinicians. It has no definitive margin, unless one is placed by the clinician. It is essentially a post and core. In certain situations, such as minimal occlusal clearance, it can be used by itself without a crown.

The Stealth Abutment offers a definitive margin.

Brevis Abutments are preferred for o-ring retained overdentures; however, with the advent of TRINIA® telescopic full-arch restorations fewer tissue-borne overdentures are being fabricated.

Overdenture Abutments are another way of retaining tissue-borne overdentures.

The Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutment is the preferred abutment for those clinicians who prefer screw-retained prosthetics, since their components are compatible with all of the Universal Abutment components.

The Fixed-Detachable Abutment is the original Bicon screw-retained prosthetic abutment.

Millable Abutment Blanks provide for custom abutments while assuring the quality and precision of the Bicon locking taper connection.