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SHORT® Implants

THE BICON DESIGN is driven by simplicity. A cornerstone of its simplicity is SHORT® Implants. When the Bicon system was first introduced in 1985, its 8.0mm length implants were considered quite short — most other implants were at least 12-14mm and sometimes 18-20mm long! Since then, the natural progression of Bicon’s design philosophy has resulted in 5.0mm and 6.0mm SHORT® Implants all with proven clinical success.

Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutments (FDUA)

Bicon’s Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutments provide for passively fitting prosthetics with intra-orally cemented screw-retained copings.

Fixed-Detachable Transitional Implants

Bicon’s Fixed-Detachable Transitional Implants provide immediate loading with intra-orally cemented screw-retained copings using the same components as Bicon’s Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutments.

Scannable Temporary Abutments

Bicon’s Scannable Temporary Abutments provide for an efficient and cost-effective digital recording of an implant’s position at the time of its one-stage surgical placement or later.

Millable Abutment Blanks

Bicon’s Millable Abutment Blanks provide for custom abutments while assuring the quality and precision of the Bicon locking taper connection.

TRINIA™ Metal-Free CAD/CAM Material

WHY TRINIA™? Dentists and technicians are seeking alternatives to metal substructures with improved clinical capabilities. TRINIA™ is today’s CAD/CAM solution for metal-free restorations.