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SHORT® Implants

THE BICON DESIGN is driven by simplicity. A cornerstone of its simplicity is SHORT® Implants. When the Bicon system was first introduced in 1985, its 8.0mm length implants were considered quite short — most other implants were at least 12-14mm and sometimes 18-20mm long! Since then, the natural progression of Bicon’s design philosophy has resulted in 5.0mm and 6.0mm SHORT® Implants all with proven clinical success.

Scannable Temporary Abutments

Bicon’s Scannable Temporary Abutments provide for an efficient and cost-effective digital recording of an implant’s position at the time of its one-stage surgical placement or later.


Thin Crestal Temporary Abutments

Bicon’s Thin Crestal Temporary Abutments can prevent the inadvertent over seating of an implant while facilitating mucosal closure.

Millable Abutment Blanks

Bicon’s Millable Abutment Blanks provide for custom abutments while assuring the quality and precision of the Bicon locking taper connection.

TRINIA® Metal-Free CAD/CAM Material

WHY TRINIA®? Dentists and technicians are seeking alternatives to metal substructures with improved clinical capabilities. TRINIA® is today’s CAD/CAM solution for metal-free restorations.



“Designed for the digital fabrication of endodontic post and core restorations less than 15mm in length.”

Drill Stop Pilot Drills

“When the anatomy permits, Bicon’s 2.0mm diameter Drill Stop Pilot Drills allow you to confidently drill a 2.0mm pilot osteotomy confidently to a precise depth.”