Surgical Instrumentation

All threaded instrumentation is interchangeable.
All instruments are Ti6Al4V unless otherwise noted.

Drill Unit and Handpieces
DescriptionPart Number
Electric Drill System260-028-150
Motor for Drill Unit260-028-425
20:1 High Torque Handpiece260-028-201
  • The 20:1 high torque handpiece is designed to be used with the pilot drill at ~1,100RPM with external irrigation and with the latch reamers at 50RPM
  • Irrigation is not necessary at speeds of 50 RPM or lower.
  • Failure to observe speed limitation may result in burned or overheated bone which could result in substantial bone necrosis.
  • Proper maintenance of handpieces is crucial for long term success of handpieces. See reference.
  • Do not exceed 135°C (275°F) when sterilizing.
  • In order to prevent discoloration and/or damage to the plating of the handpieces, do not autoclave the handpieces with other instruments.
  • Always check the handpiece for any abnormal vibration, heating, noise, or sluggish operation. If any abnormality is noticed, cease the use of the handpiece.
Pilot Drills

Drill Stop Pilot Drills

Drill Stop Pilot Drill 1a
DescriptionPart Number
2.0mm Pilot Drill - 5.0mm Stop260-101-105
2.0mm Pilot Drill - 6.0mm Stop260-101-106
2.0mm Pilot Drill - 7.0mm Stop260-101-107
2.0mm Pilot Drill - 8.0mm Stop260-101-108
2.0mm Pilot Drill - 9.0mm Stop260-101-109
2.0mm Pilot Drill - 10mm Stop260-101-110
2.0mm Pilot Drill - 11mm Stop260-101-111
Bicon Drill Stop Kit 1c
DescriptionPart Number
2.0mm Pilot Drill Stop Kit260-101-099
2.0mm Pilot Drill Stop Tray260-104-999

Pilot Drills*

Pilot Drills 1a
DescriptionTypePart Number
2.0mm Standard Pilot DrillSS260-101-001
2.0mm Extended Pilot DrillSS260-101-002

SS denotes stainless steel
*See reference for measurement guides.


Standard Latch Reamers*

DescriptionLengthPart Number
2.5mm Standard Latch Reamer32.0mm260-101-125
3.0mm Standard Latch Reamer32.0mm260-101-130
3.5mm Standard Latch Reamer32.0mm260-101-135
4.0mm Standard Latch Reamer32.0mm260-101-140
4.5mm Standard Latch Reamer32.0mm260-101-645
5.0mm Standard Latch Reamer32.0mm260-101-650
5.5mm Standard Latch Reamer32.0mm260-101-655
6.0mm Standard Latch Reamer32.0mm260-101-660
Standard Latch Reamer Set (Includes set of eight latch reamers)260-101-120

Extended Latch Reamers*

DescriptionLengthPart Number
2.5mm Extended Latch Reamer38.0mm260-101-325
3.0mm Extended Latch Reamer38.0mm260-101-330
3.5mm Extended Latch Reamer38.0mm260-101-335
4.0mm Extended Latch Reamer38.0mm260-101-340
4.5mm Extended Latch Reamer38.0mm260-101-345
5.0mm Extended Latch Reamer38.0mm260-101-350
5.5mm Extended Latch Reamer38.0mm260-101-355
6.0mm Extended Latch Reamer38.0mm260-101-360
Extended Latch Reamer Set (Includes set of eight latch reamers)260-101-121

Hand Reamers*

DescriptionLengthPart Number
2.5mm Hand Reamer21.0mm260-101-025
3.0mm Hand Reamer21.0mm260-101-030
3.5mm Hand Reamer21.0mm260-101-035
4.0mm Hand Reamer21.0mm260-101-040
4.5mm Hand Reamer21.0mm260-101-045
5.0mm Hand Reamer21.0mm260-101-050
5.5mm Hand Reamer21.0mm260-101-055
6.0mm Hand Reamer21.0mm260-101-060
Hand Latch Reamer Set (Includes hand reamer extension, straight handle, reamer removal wrench and set of eight hand reamers)260-101-122

Reamer Removal Wrench and Latch Reamer Extender

*See reference for measurement guide.

Paralleling Pins
Paralleling Pin 1a
DescriptionPart Number
0° Paralleling Pin260-701-001
Bone Expanders
Bone Expanders 1a
DescriptionPart Number
3.0mm Bone Expander260-901-430
3.5mm Bone Expander260-901-435
4.0mm Bone Expander260-901-440
4.5mm Bone Expander260-901-445
5.0mm Bone Expander260-901-450
5.5mm Bone Expander260-901-455
6.0mm Bone Expander260-901-460
Bone Expander Set (Includes set of seven bone expanders)260-101-123
Osteotomes 1a
DescriptionPart Number
3.5mm Osteotome260-901-535
4.0mm Osteotome260-901-540
4.5mm Osteotome260-901-545
5.0mm Osteotome260-901-550
6.0mm Osteotome260-901-560
Osteotome Set (Includes set of five osteotomes)260-101-124

Curved Chisels

Curved Chisels 1a
DescriptionPart Number
4.5mm Curved Chisel 260-901-645
5.0mm Curved Chisel 260-901-650
6.0mm Curved Chisel260-901-660
Curved Chisel Set (Includes set of three curved chisels.) 260-101-126

Threaded Expanding Chisels

Threaded Expanding Chisels 1a
DescriptionPart Number
3.0mm Threaded Expanding Chisel260-901-613
5.0mm Threaded Expanding Chisel260-901-615
6.0mm Threaded Expanding Chisel260-901-616

Expanding Chisels

Expanding Chisels 1a
DescriptionPart Number
3.0mm Expanding Chisel260-801-330
4.5mm Expanding Chisel260-801-345
5.5mm Expanding Chisel260-801-355
Trephines 1a
DescriptionOutside DiameterTypePart Number
3.75mm Trephine4.6mmSS260-801-837
4.25mm Trephine5.2mmSS260-801-840
5.25mm Trephine6.2mmSS260-801-850
6.0mm Trephine6.95mmSS260-801-860

SS denotes Stainless Steal

DescriptionPart Number
Severe Bend Sinus Lift Curette260-801-515
Standard Bend Sinus Lift Curette260-801-517
Antralplasty Elevator260-801-518
Angled Curette260-801-522
Guided Surgery

Guided Surgery Rings

Guide Rings 1b
DescriptionPart Number
2.0mm Guided Surgery Rings (5)260-920-005
3.0mm Guided Surgery Rings (5)260-930-005
4.0mm Guided Surgery Rings (5)260-940-005
4.5mm Guided Surgery Rings (5)260-945-005
5.0mm Guided Surgery Rings (5)260-950-005

Guided Tissue Punches

Guided Tissue Punches 1a
DescriptionPart Number
3.0mm Guided Tissue Punch260-930-101
4.0mm Guided Tissue Punch260-940-101
4.5mm Guided Tissue Punch260-945-101
5.0mm Guided Tissue Punch260-950-101

Guided Pilot Drills

Guided Pilot Drills 1a
DescriptionPart Number
2.0 x 5.0mm Guided Pilot Drill260-920-350
2.0 x 6.0mm Guided Pilot Drill260-920-360
2.0 x 8.0mm Guided Pilot Drill260-920-380
2.0 x 11.0mm Guided Pilot Drill260-920-311
Guided Pilot Drill Kit260-101-820

Guided Spade Drills

Guided Spade Drills 1a
DescriptionPart Number
3.0mm Guided Spade Drill260-930-201
4.0mm Guided Spade Drill260-940-201
4.5mm Guided Spade Drill260-945-201
5.0mm Guided Spade Drill260-950-201

Guided Reamers

Reamers 1a
DescriptionPart Number
3.0 x 6.0mm Guided Reamer260-930-360
3.0 x 8.0mm Guided Reamer260-930-380
Reamers 2a
DescriptionPart Number
4.0 x 5.0mm Guided Reamer260-940-350
4.0 x 6.0mm Guided Reamer260-940-360
4.0 x 8.0mm Guided Reamer260-940-380
4.0 x 11.0mm Guided Reamer260-940-311
Reamers 3a
DescriptionPart Number
4.5 x 5.0mm Guided Reamer260-945-350
4.5 x 6.0mm Guided Reamer260-945-360
4.5 x 8.0mm Guided Reamer260-945-380
4.5 x 11.0mm Guided Reamer260-945-311
Reamers 4a
DescriptionPart Number
5.0 x 5.0mm Guided Reamer260-950-350
5.0 x 6.0mm Guided Reamer260-950-360
5.0 x 8.0mm Guided Reamer260-950-380
5.0 x 11.0mm Guided Reamer260-950-311

Guided Inserters

Guided Inserters 1a
DescriptionPart Number
4.0mm Guided Inserter - 2.5mm Post260-940-425
4.5mm Guided Inserter - 2.5mm Post260-945-425
4.5mm Guided Inserter - 3.0mm Post260-945-430
5.0mm Guided Inserter - 3.0mm Post260-950-430

Instrument Storage Trays

DescriptionPart Number
Advanced Surgical Tray 260-104-993
Comprehensive Standard Surgical Tray (Designed to accommodate standard latch reamers.)260-104-994
Restorative Kit Tray260-104-996

Guided Surgical Trays

DescriptionPart Number
3.0mm Guided Surgical Tray260-104-930
4.0mm Guided Surgical Tray260-104-940
4.5mm Guided Surgical Tray260-104-945
5.0mm Guided Surgical Tray260-104-950
Surgical Accessories

Part Number: 260-801-165

Healing Plug Removal Instrument (Manual)
Part Number: 260-101-114

Healing Plug Cutter
Part Number: 260-801-001

Silicone Dappen Dish
Part Number: 260-103-030

Implant Spacing Template
Part Number: 260-101-305

30.0 x 42.0mm Radiograph Grid
Part Number: 260-103-002

2.0mm Cotton Tip Applicator (100)
Part Number: 260-103-027

3.0mm Cotton Tip Applicator (100)
Part Number: 260-103-028