THE BICON® SYSTEM is a unique dental implant system, offering the worldwide dental community a comprehensive solution since 1985.

Bicon’s unique plateau design follows sound bioengineering principles which allow for the use of SHORT® Implants. Its unique bacterially- sealed, locking taper, implant to abutment connection provides for 360 ̊ of universal abutment positioning — offering restorative flexibility unmatched by other implant systems. The sloping shoulder of the Bicon implant consistently provides for gingivally aesthetic restorations. These restorations are easily achieved because the bone that is maintained over the shoulder of the implant provides support for the interdental papillae.

Bicon’s unique design and its revolutionary clinical techniques have not only passed the test of time, but also continue to lead the field of implant dentistry. We welcome your joining Bicon clinicians from around the world, so that both you and your patients may also enjoy the clinical benefits of Bicon.

General Implant Information

  • All implants are packaged with a healing plug.
  • The choice of implant length and width depends upon available bone and expected occlusal loads.
  • For an aesthetic emergence profile, the Bicon implant is designed to be placed below the crest of the alveolar ridge to the extent that the implant is 5.0mm below the facial crest of the gingiva.
  • The implant may be placed at or slightly above the alveolar crest, if an aesthetic emergence profile is not a concern.
  • In general, choose the widest but not necessarily the longest implant the bone will allow.
  • 2.5mm well implants have been designed exclusively for maxillary anterior single-unit restorations. For any other restoration, including maxillary anterior splinted prostheses, overdentures, or fixed-removable applications, it is strongly recommended to avoid 2.5mm well Implants.
  • Posteriorly to the canine, place one implant per tooth if practical.
  • See Reference for depth indicators on the 2.0mm Pilot Drill and the Latch Reamers.