Digital Impression of Two Scannable Temporary Abutments and the Subsequent Insertion of Two Extra-Orally Cemented Maxillary Molar Crowns

This case demonstrates how using Bicon Scannable Temporary Abutments with the one-stage implant protocol can save time for patients, technicians, and clinicians. It reduces chairtime, minimizes failed patient visits, and allows for the fabrication of a permanent prosthesis during implant integration, eliminating many time-related stresses. More information about Bicon Scannable Temporary Abutments here: Download PDF

July 15, 2023

Bicon Scannable Temporary Abutments Provide for Crown Fabrication While Implant is Integrating

This case demonstrates the time-saving benefits for patients, technicians, and clinicians alike when Bicon Scannable Temporary Abutments are used with the one-stage implant placement protocol. The Scannable Temporary Abutment not only reduces chairtime, but more importantly can reduce the number of patient visits which reduces the potential of failed patient visits. Additionally, they provide the […]

June 9, 2023

Gothic Arch Registration and Insertion of a Maxillary Fixed-Detachable TRINIA Prosthesis Supported by Three Bicon SHORT® Implants

This case demonstrates the recording of a Gothic Arch occlusal registration and the insertion of a full-arch TRINIA® prosthesis utilizing three Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutments (FDUAs) with chairside shortened Hex Coping Screws opposing a mandibular telescopic TRINIA® restoration supported by three twenty-four-year-old Bicon NARROW® implants. Additionally, note the complete compatibly and interchangeability of Bicon components manufactured […]

March 2, 2022

Uncovering of Four Bicon SHORT® Implants with the Subsequent Removal of Three FDUA Transitional Implants and the Fabrication and Insertion of a Screw-Retained Mandibular Full-Arch TRINIA® Prosthesis

This case demonstrates the uncovering of four Bicon SHORT® Implants with the subsequent removal of three Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutment (FDUA) Transitional Implants after six months of their successfully supporting a transitional TRINIA® prosthesis for a sixty-three-year-old female patient. The final Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutments were inserted using Titanium Transfer Copings for a conventional open tray abutment-level […]

February 21, 2022

Fabrication of a Temporary Screw-Retained and a Permanent Telescopic Mandibular TRINIA® Prosthesis Supported by Three FDUA Transitional and Four Bicon SHORT® Implants Respectively for a Fifty-Nine-Year-Old Male Patient

This case demonstrates the placement and removal of three Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutment (FDUA) Transitional Implants and their successful one year of use supporting a full-arch temporary screw-retained TRINIA® prosthesis with significant bilateral distal extensions. Additionally, the placement, uncovering and prosthetic restoration using impression posts and sleeves with a conventional implant level transfer impression of four […]

Replacement of a Failed Full-Arch Maxillary PFM Prosthesis with a TRINIA® Full-Arch Prosthesis Supported on Six Bicon SHORT® Implants Using Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutments and Digital Prosthetic Techniques

This case demonstrates both the surgical and prosthetic treatments, which provided a seventy-five-year-old professional male patient (who travels frequently) with the comfort of having a fixed maxillary prosthesis throughout his three years of treatment. Initially, a single molar implant was placed with an internal sinus lift procedure, which after its integration provided stability for a […]

February 15, 2022