Digital Impression of Two Scannable Temporary Abutments and the Subsequent Insertion of Two Extra-Orally Cemented Maxillary Molar Crowns

This case demonstrates how using Bicon Scannable Temporary Abutments with the one-stage implant protocol can save time for patients, technicians, and clinicians. It reduces chairtime, minimizes failed patient visits, and allows for the fabrication of a permanent prosthesis during implant integration, eliminating many time-related stresses. More information about Bicon Scannable Temporary Abutments here: Download PDF

July 15, 2023

17-Year Follow Up for Two Immediately Loaded Maxillary Central Incisors

This case demonstrates the extraction of two failed endodontically-treated maxillary central incisors, the immediate surgical placement and stabilization of two 5.0 x 8.0mm Bicon SHORT® Implants, and their subsequent restoration with two Integrated Abutment Crowns™ (IACs). This case also includes 6-year and 17-year follow-up radiographs and clinical images demonstrating not only impressive long-term bone maintenance, […]

October 16, 2019

Two-Stage Placement of a 5.0 x 6.0mm Bicon SHORT® Implant for a Maxillary Left Second Premolar and its Restoration with an Integrated Abutment Crown™ (IAC)

This treatment demonstrates the two-stage placement of a 5.0 x 6.0mm Bicon SHORT® Implant for a maxillary left second premolar, the making of its full arch implant-level transfer impression, and its restoration with an Integrated Abutment Crown™ (IAC).

July 1, 2019

Immediate Load of Two 4.0 x 8.0mm and Two 4.5 x 8.0mm Bicon SHORT® Implants in the Anterior Maxilla

This treatment demonstrates the removal of two canine root tips, and the immediate placement and loading of two 4.0 x 8.0mm and two 4.5 x 8.0mm Bicon SHORT® implants with four Universal Abutments in the anterior maxilla. Subsequently, the insertion of a six-unit resin-cemented TRINIA® prosthesis is shown, as well as enhanced papillae over a […]

July 3, 2018

Two Stage Uncovering of Four Implants, Extraction of Three Incisors with their Immediate Placement and Functioning Implants, and Restoration with Seven Integrated Abutment Crowns™

This case demonstrates the uncovering of four two stage maxillary implants and the extraction of three incisors and their replacement with immediately placed and functioning implants as well as the restoration of seven Integrated Abutment Crowns™.

June 6, 2004