Gothic Arch Registration and Insertion of a Maxillary Fixed-Detachable TRINIA Prosthesis Supported by Three Bicon SHORT® Implants

This case demonstrates the recording of a Gothic Arch occlusal registration and the insertion of a full-arch TRINIA® prosthesis utilizing three Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutments (FDUAs) with chairside shortened Hex Coping Screws opposing a mandibular telescopic TRINIA® restoration supported by three twenty-four-year-old Bicon NARROW® implants. Additionally, note the complete compatibly and interchangeability of Bicon components manufactured […]

Uncovering of Four Bicon SHORT® Implants with the Subsequent Removal of Three FDUA Transitional Implants and the Fabrication and Insertion of a Screw-Retained Mandibular Full-Arch TRINIA® Prosthesis

This case demonstrates the uncovering of four Bicon SHORT® Implants with the subsequent removal of three Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutment (FDUA) Transitional Implants after six months of their successfully supporting a transitional TRINIA® prosthesis for a sixty-three-year-old female patient. The final Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutments were inserted using Titanium Transfer Copings for a conventional open tray abutment-level […]

Fabrication of a Temporary Screw-Retained and a Permanent Telescopic Mandibular TRINIA® Prosthesis Supported by Three FDUA Transitional and Four Bicon SHORT® Implants

This case demonstrates the placement and removal of three Fixed-Detachable Universal Abutment (FDUA) Transitional Implants and their successful one year of use supporting a full-arch temporary screw-retained TRINIA® prosthesis with significant bilateral distal extensions. Additionally, the placement, uncovering and prosthetic restoration using impression posts and sleeves with a conventional implant level transfer impression of four […]

Twelve-Year Radiographic Follow Up of a 6.0 x 5.0mm Bicon SHORT® Implant with an Internal Sinus Lift Using SynthoGraft™ and an Integrated Abutment Crown™ (IAC)

This case radiographically demonstrates the extraction, implant placement of a 6.0 x 5.0mm Bicon SHORT® Implant with an internal sinus lift using SynthoGraft™, and restoration with an Integrated Abutment Crown™ (IAC) for a fourty-six-year-old male patient over twelve years. It is also an excellent radiographic example of Wolff’s Law of bone, which states that “bone […]

Insertion of a Maxillary Full Arch TRINIA® Telescopic Prosthesis

This treatment demonstrates the sequential use of a resin seating jig to facilitate the orientation and seating of four abutments for the insertion of a maxillary full arch TRINIA® telescopic prosthesis with two milled retentive copings and two custom cast chrome cobalt copings on four implants for a 59-year-old woman.