The Logic of Bicon – Dr. Vincent J. Morgan

On May 6, 2020, Dr. Vincent J. Morgan presented a live webcast discussing the driving principles behind the Bicon design: simplicity, predictability, profitability — and most importantly the logic! Whether you are new to Bicon or have been using Bicon for years, his presentation is not to be missed.

May 12, 2020

Bicon SHORT® Implants and TRINIA® on Three

In this video, Rolf Ewers, MD, DMD, Ph.D. discusses the revolutionary TRINIA® on Three technique and its long-term results. After experiencing over six years of reliable results with full-arch TRINIA® prostheses supported by four SHORT® Implants, he decided to modify the study design in 2016 to follow full-arch TRINIA® prostheses supported by only three 4.0 […]

March 8, 2020

Bicon Dental Implants Roundtable 1997 [HD]

In 1997, Bicon released a roundtable discussion video. This video featured a frank and open discussion among clinicians sharing their real-world experiences with the Bicon system. Recently, more than 22 years later, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that clinicians around the world still refer to it today. Following a brief introduction by Dr. Vincent […]

July 1, 2019

My Journey from Augmentation to TRINIA®, a Non-Rigid Metal-Free CAD/CAM Material

Join Rolf Ewers, MD, DMD, Ph.D. on his journey with TRINIA®, a fiber-reinforced resin CAD/CAM material, as his views evolved over time — from using and enjoying multiple bone grafting techniques to avoiding grafting completely by using a non-rigid material and shorter implants. He examines how TRINIA® can further expand the clinical capabilities of Bicon […]

June 18, 2019

My Evolving Views on Bicon SHORT® Implants After Using Them Extensively for Eight Years

Please join Rolf Ewers, MD, DMD, Ph.D. on his journey with Bicon SHORT® Implants as his views have evolved over time — from initial disbelief to using them extensively for over eight years. Prof. DDr. Ewers also considers how Bicon’s bacterial seal, double platform switching, screwless locking-taper connection, slow drilling at 50RPM, callus bone healing […]

September 3, 2018

Techniques de restauration prothétiques des Implants Bicon

La Vidéo des techniques de restauration prothétiques des Implants Bicon est destinée à fournir aux praticiens et à leurs personnels des explications, des descriptions détaillées, et des démonstrations illustrant de nombreuses procédures de restauration prothétiques du système d’implant dentaire Bicon.

May 1, 2012